Waterproofing Repair

Water damage is one of the scenarios which affects many houses all over the world. Water may seem to be harmless, but long-term exposure of materials to it can lead to erosion, rot, decay and eventually collapse.

That’s why it is necessary to waterproof and repair your house! Using our PermaFlex products, we can ensure that you will never have to worry about any future repairs or structural damage. With waterproofing, you prevent future disasters by acting in advance. Best of all, our waterproofing technique does not weaken with age but instead only grows stronger over time.

Every crevice, crack, joint and holes can be sealed and waterproof. Don’t wait too long, Contact Us Now and let us take care of it.


Permaflex Is Unique

Water damage is one of the scenarios which affects many houses all over the world.

Three Unique properties allow Permaflex products to completely waterproof and retain negative hydrostatic pressure unlike any other products in the world.

 Flexible Penetration Technology®
 Elongation Memory Technology®
 Permanent Flexibility®

Flexible Penetration Technology® allows Permaflex to penetrate into the pores of the substrate to produce tiny solid rubber sealing plugs.
Elongation Memory Technology® ensures that when Permaflex products are compressed and relaxed, they maintain their original shape and size. The major cause of release of coatings is from powerful forces such as freeze/thaw cycles, ground water pressure, vibration and sudden shock.
Permanent Flexibility® provides that Permaflex products never become brittle: they maintain flexibility and only become stronger with age without breaking down as other coatings do.
With Permaflex products, you will never again worry about future repairs or structure damage that inhibits Permaflex’s ability to waterproof. Permaflex has the ability to molecularly bond, or weld to itself, new-to old at any stage of curing or age. No other building material has this unique quality.

Permanent indoor basement waterproofing
Basic Product Line

AR- Permaflex: Used for priming and top coating, extremely trouble-free, easy to use product.
LRB (Liquid Rubber Base): Used to cure at any thickness of application, never produces gas during curing, and molecularly welds to itself new to old, extremely trouble-free, easy to use product.
TAV (Thickening Activator): Used only with LRB to increase viscosity to provide thickness of vertical application and uniform curing regardless of thickness of application.
Quick-Patch: Hard, extremely strong, quick curing, Concrete Repair Fluid.
Permaflex- AL: Has many of the qualities of Permaflex but is stronger and less flexible than Permaflex.
PERMAFLEX products maintain permanent flexibility and never become brittle: they only become stronger with age, Permaflex®, penetrates deep into the pores of the substrate and produces tiny solid rubber sealing plugs. These plugs, or capillary filled sealing tentacles, in each and every pore or crack in the substrate surface act as tiny, high pressure, hydraulic o-rings. The tentacles seal, anchor and lock the coating membrane surface to the substrate, permanently!LRB is a single component liquid rubber material used to fill, seal and reinforce Permaflex in large holes, cracks, joints and other such larger areas while allowing Permaflex to handle the tiny, microscopic areas. LRB/TAV can be applied to any thickness in one application and will cure throughout its entirety in four hours. As a stand-alone product, LRB will self-level at any application thickness, whereas the addition of TAV allows the slump-free application on vertical, horizontal or inverted surfaces without running or sagging.

Simple 1-2-3 application
1. Prime with Permaflex

2. Apply LRB / TAV mixture to joints and cracks

3. Topcoat with Permaflex

This three step process assures that every crack, hole, joint and crevice is permanently sealed. Experience has proven that a simple single application of something is not worth the effort it takes to apply it, but by using Permaflex’s simple 1-2-3 application process you are triple protected. This assures that all imperfections are filled and sealed the first time for the last time!

Concrete Crack Repair and Sealing