Granite Marble Polishing


Granite and Marble are beautiful surfaces that is pleasant to the eye. But over a long period of time, even these long-lasting surfaces can lose their shine with constant exposure to grime, grease and dirt from events such as kitchen spills and so on.

No problem, if you’re looking for a solution, we can use Worldwide Poulticing Powder with its ability to remove stains from marble, travertine, granite, terrazzo, limestone, and many more masonry surfaces. Older and deeper stains may require multiple treatments which we will happily arrange in order to fully maximize the quality of our services.

Our treatment can put the luster back in your old tabletops or other surfaces – watch as it revitalizes them in the blink of an eye! Not only does it restore natural colours and scrubs out stains, but it also adds a natural barrier and finish making it look brand new, yet leaving it protected from future harmful chemicals, water damage and staining. It’s win-win.

We believe you’ll find us to offer the best Granite & Marble polishing services in Singapore, so if you are in need of renewing your old, worn-out Marble tabletops and so on, try us now.


  • Stain Removal & Polishing Systems

    Hardrock Poulticing Powder may be used to remove stains from marble, travertine, granite, terrazzo, limestone, and other masonry surfaces. On very old or deep stains several treatments may be needed for maximum stain removal.

  • Marble Polishing

    Marble Polishing