Glass Scratch Removal Systems


How to Remove Glass Scratches

Ever wondered how to remove glass scratches? Common sense dictates that if you want to remove a scratch, then you must remove some of the glass to get down to the bottom of the scratch. The fact is, there is no other way to effectively remove scratches and restore glass to its original clarity. The Glass Scratch Removal & Repair Systems safely go three times deeper than other methods and remove mild to severe scratching with little or no visible distortion. With these two systems combined, there is literally no scratch repair job too large or excessive to repair. Set your company apart by offering the best scratch removal service and accept those scratch repair jobs that competitors reluctantly turn down. The standard industry adage of “if it can be felt, it cannot be repaired” is no longer true! With the Glass Scratch Removal & Repair Systems excellent results can be achieved on even the deepest of glass damage.

Now, glass scratch removal and repair has been revolutionized with new technology. Severe glass scratches and or damaged glass due to mineral deposits can now be removed with break-thru technology. Scratches on windows, glass doors, glass furniture, auto glass, glass building, new construction glass damage, glass graffiti remove unwanted scratches.


Repair minor scratches and hard water stains on most glass surfaces. (Auto glass, furniture, picture windows shower doors or any glass surface) Now, new technology allows even as do-it-yourself person to remove glass scratches and stains, here’s how it works, first clean the glass then depending on the depth of the scratch or severity of the water stains a pad or disc is selected and the damage is removed. Then a glass polish compound is used and the entire area is polish until the clarity of the glass starts to clear. Then a special polishing disc is used covering the entire area until the glass is totally clear. The glass is now clear and the scratch or water damage is gone.