Our Equipment

A person is only as good as the tools he is using. This is why Chiaki Worldwide has many equipment in stock perfect for use in many situations. Our two big ones are the Maintenance Floor Machines and Glass Scratch Removal system. What are they, you ask?

Maintenance Floor Machines: Keeping your floor well maintained is key to good hygiene and providing a professional look to the place. Our basic floor machines are versatile and multi-purpose, usable for standard tasks such as floor scrubbing, polishing and stripping applications, while the more deluxe models features  Showerfeed Pad Driver, Solution Tank and Showerfeed Diamond Disc Driver with Splash Guard. We can restore marble, tile, terrazzo, stone and concrete and more!

Glass Scratch Removal System: Have you ever wondered about how to remove those unsightly scratches from your glass? Many people would tell you that “if it can be felt, it can’t be recovered” but thankfully, we now have the technology to do so!

Whether the scratch is light or deep, and whether you need to restore 1 window or over 1000 windows, we can do it big and small. Our Glass Scratch Removal & Repair Systems also restores glass damaged by acid graffiti or tagging.

Maintenance Floor Machines
The QuarryMaster® is designed for the restoration and maintenance of marble, tile, terrazzo, stone and concrete.

Glass Scratch Removal Systems
Glass Scratch Removal & Repair Systems makes scratch removal kits designed to remove the deepest of glass scratches. The Glass Scratch Removal & Repair Systems also restores glass damaged by acid grafitti or tagging.