Clean, Seal & restoration

Over a long period of time, tiles and surfaces build up unwanted residue such as dirt and grime. The end result is a duller surface that’s less hygienic. What can you do to reverse the situation without resorting to installing brand new ones?

This is the process we call “Cleaning and Sealing”, a multi-layered process. Beginning by using mild cleaning agents to remove dirt or light stains, we slowly progress onwards to organic cleaning for mold, grease cleaning for grime/grease and so on until the end result looks brand new and sparkling!

Of course, it’s no use cleaning if it’s going to become dirty again, which is where sealing comes in. With our many sealing techniques, we can give surfaces a neat, polished look while simultaneously protecting it against future staining and fading. It’s a win-win situation.

We are notable for providing. Singapore’s premiere ceiling cleaning services. If you looking for chemical cleaning, facade cleaning and other such services by a professional team of cleaners in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place.